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The day-to-day business of the Society is handled by the Secretary, MRS MONICA WOOSNAM.
Monica is also the Treasurer and the Editor of the Bulletin.

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Mrs. MONICA WOOSNAM, ADPS Secretary, 24 Dysart Terrace, Canal Road, NEWTOWN, SY16 2JL

Telephone: 01686 627916 (9 to 5, Monday to Friday).


- Assisting dealers in all aspects of trading for 55 years -


The 54th Annual Meeting of the ADPS Stamp Dealers' Society was held in Newtown, Mid-Wales, on 28 October 2021.

The Chairman, Malcolm Tudor, reported another successful year in the Society's role of promoting the interests of its members and the exchange of information on the marketing of stamps and business matters generally. He added that one of the highlights during the year was the publication of Committee member Ray J. Howes' article in the Philatelic Exporter in June celebrating the ADPS's 55th birthday.

In her report, Secretary, Monica Woosnam, said: 'Alternate bulletins and newsletters sent out every month ensure that members are kept in touch with the Society on a regular basis.'

Acting Webmaster, Gordon Bonnett, revealed that over the last year there had been two surges in new visitors to the Society's website, one during the period when more people stayed at home due to the pandemic and the other following the appearance of the article on the ADPS in the Philatelic Exporter.

Chairman Malcolm Tudor concluded with the statement: 'Today, as in 1966 when the Society was formed, membership of the ADPS provides dealers with the opportunity to network with colleagues in the United Kingdom and overseas and gives collectors confidence whenever they buy or sell stamps.'

The Society's officers and committee were re-elected: Chairman: Malcolm Tudor; Secretary: Monica Woosnam; Acting Webmaster: Gordon Bonnett; Additional Committee Members: Dr John Horsey and Ray J. Howes.


The June 2021 edition of the world stamp trade journal, The Philatelic Exporter, included a full-page special feature on the Society, headlined: 'As it celebrates its 55th Birthday, Ray Howes of the ADPS provides a short history of the Society and what it has to offer the trader.'
The ADPS was founded in 1966 as the 'Approval Dealers' Protection Society.' It soon began to attract dealers selling by other means as well and so the name was subtly tweaked to the present-day title of the 'ADPS Stamp Dealers Society.'
Its activities include publication of the Bulletin and Newsletter, the safeguarding of members by warning of telephone and online scams, help and advice when required, and low-cost advertising in the journal and on our popular website
The ADPS membership spans all parts of the United Kingdom and continues to expand overseas.
Ray concluded his article: 'As the ADPS continues to expand its enthusiastic membership, the Society will constantly strive to help all of its members to achieve success in whatever their stamp trading area.'

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